Tuesday, September 21, 2021

Black Friday Haul + Mini Review

Every payday I make a silent vow to myself that absolutely, under no circumstances will I buy any makeup this month. This month was going to be the one, the one where I finally succeed… and then it was Black Friday. I’m weak, and I’m not mad about it. 

First, there was Charlotte Tilbury, the excuse I used for this one was ‘I need new foundations for my kit’ so £200 later that made me feel a lot better about my maybe (definite) spending problem. 

Second, there was Too Faced, and this excuse was ‘I’ve never been in a Too Faced store before and I love their liquid lipsticks’ so I popped in to ‘just have a look’ and left with lighter pockets but a heavier shopping bag.

Charlotte Tilbury

The Lip Masterclass

This might be the most exciting purchase I’ve ever made, I legit checked my emails every five minutes for the dispatch confirmation. The set cost around £65 in the sale, and for 9 full sized lip products this was too good to pass up! 

I’m not going to go into it too much as I’m going to write a full review post about it soon, but these are gorgeous, I’m impressed with the formula of all 9 of the products and definitely will be getting some good use out of these… I may even keep them out of my kit so it’ll be a little bit more worth it when I’m skint for the rest of the month.

Light Wonder Foundation

These are my favourite foundations ever, I use them on myself and in my kit and have never had a bad application, it honestly works for anyone and gives the most beautiful, glowy look with skin that looks like skin. I now have 5 colours ranging from Fair 1 to Medium 8, I’ve been trying to get the darkest shade forever, however it always seems to be out of stock. Love, love, love these and recommend them to everyone who will listen.

Scent of a Dream

I wont lie, this was free, and I hate it. The bottle is beautiful, and I’m sure the scent probably is to more mature ladies, and by mature I mean it smells like something a lady dressed in linen and Chanel sunglasses lounging around at the yacht club might wear. I don’t think I’ll be able to keep hold of it for the 50 years it’ll take for me to grow into that woman so I’ll probably give it away.

Too Faced

Sparkling Pineapple Palette

(L-R)Yum-yum, Coconut Sugar, Passports & Pineapples, Sparkling Pineapple, Island Queen, Tutti Cutie, Pineapple Cooler

I have a lot to say about this palette so I’ll probably write a full review on this. It’s a strange one, I fell in love with it at first sight and had to have it. However it isn’t as good as meets the eye, some of the shades are phenomenal, and others are not worth the price tag in the slightest- Yum-yum is basically translucent powder- and others were so soft that my finger went straight through them. 

Long story short, the palette is stunning and smells like Pina Coladas, which is enough to make me put my hand in my bag and pull out my credit card, however said credit card owner may have been better off swatching ALL shades in the palette and not just the ones that catch her eye…

Melted Matte Liquid Lipstick


I ran out of my favourite red liquid lipstick (Lime Crime Red Velvet) and I haven’t been past Space NK nor ave I ordered from a site that sels Lime Crime yet so I thought I’d pick up a subistute as I know I love the Too Faced Melted Matte Formula. 

The colour I got is called ‘Lady Balls’ and I’m really pleased with everything about this, it dries down lovely and the colour is gorgeous. It hasn’t beat my Lime Crime as it isn’t totally smudge proof, however it wears away a lot more evenly when eating/drinking. Definitely will purchase a few more shades from this line.

Glitter Lipstick


Again, this was another freebie. Too Faced have released glitter lipsticks, the shade I got was ‘That Girl’ which is a plum under-toned glitter. I can’t say that I’ll get much use out of this, I’m going to test it out on the eyes and if it’s okay I may stick it in my kit to use as a shadow topper. Other than that, the formula is very smooth, you can’t feel the glitter at all and it feels almost like a lip balm. 

I hope you liked reading my Black Friday Haul and got some enjoyment out of my complete and utter lack of self-restraint (I definitely did). Feel free to comment down below and contact me on social media, I’d love to hear your thoughts and what you got in the Black Friday sales! x

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