Tuesday, September 21, 2021

Garnier Vitamin-C Shot Tissue Mask Review

After a long break from writing, today I’m going to tell you all about my new favourite thing. The Garnier Vitamin-C Shot Mask is a self-mixing tissue mask that contains a whole 30ml bottle of serum in each pack.It claims to brighten, replump and even the complexion. Garnier recommends that you use the mask three times a week (of course they do). 

I bought this mask a week ago, when I popped into Boots to buy one thing and left having spent £40 on things I didn’t need. However, I used the mask that night and immediately went back out and bought 4 more, and ordered a monthly subscription of 8 a month from Amazon- me? Obsessive? Never.

So, into my review, which I’m writing because I’m a backwards buyer who reads reviews after they’ve used something to seek out others who share my opinions and I couldn’t find many about this product. 

I’m currently sat in bed with this mask on, and I’ll be totally honest, I HATE the feeling of tissue masks on my face, they’re cold and slimy and gross. BUT that aside, the benefits are totally worth it.

I have super oily, sensitive/ easily irritated, pain-in-the-fucking-ass skin and I wake up with my face practically dripping with oil (gross, I’m sorry) almost every morning. However, when I use this mask of an evening my skin looks, bright, well-rested and hydrated first thing in the morning, with no hint of oil. 

I’ve been using this twice a week and have noticed a visible difference in my skin in terms of it being a lot glowier, firmer and just healthier in general. 

Long story short, I can’t stop talking about this mask and I’ll tell anyone who will listen to buy it. Though if you do decide to buy it, get it from Amazon or Asda is its £2 on there as opposed to £4 in other retailers.


PS. In case you were wondering, yes a few sweet clems were just about as far as my creativity stretches in terms of Vitamin-C inspired photography… and yes the first thing that came to my mind was to use Berocca.

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