Tuesday, September 21, 2021

Huda Beauty New Nude Palette Review

It’s not often I see I product advertised and practically salivate. This palette literally makes my mouth water. This palette is (thankfully) permanent, and if our honeymoon period keeps going the way it is, it definitely wont be my last as I’m inspired every time I open this palette.

Huda describes the contents of the palette as “18 shadows in 5 ready-to-layer textures: 10 buttery mattes, 4 multi-reflective shadows, 2 pressed glitters, 1 pressed pearl and 1 concealer base”. All shades apply like a dream and blend together beautifully. 

(L-R) Bare, Crave, Play, Fantasy, Love Bite, Spanked

Bare is the perfect base shade for fair skin tones, I’ve been using this to set my primer. It’s really soft and works lovely to as a base to blend on top of. Crave is a golden champagne colour, absolutely stunning as a lid colour and as an inner corner highlight, as with all of the Huda Beauty foils it’s best applied with your fingers. Play is a peachy, pink matte which is great as a transition colour, this is the smoothest matte in the palette and is really pigmented. Fantasy is a warm plum foil shadow and will be beautiful for Autumn/Winter looks. Love Bite is a matte berry shade, I love this- especially with Spanked layered underneath,they are absolutely beautiful blended together to create a deepened burgundy look.

(L-R) Lace, Daydream, Tickle, Excite, Infatuated, Kinky

Lace I would describe as a dusky lavender, it applies beautifully and pairs gorgeously with Daydream which is my favourite shade in the palette. Tickle is a warm pink, however it’s described as a matte but has a slight shimmer in it. Excite and Infatuated are the two pressed glitters, I usually hate this type of shadow, however these actually apply really nicely- though the colours are quite similar I don’t see the need for both. Kinky is a shimmery plum shade, that pulls slightly red on the skin, this is also really beautiful when put with Love Bite and Spanked.

(L-R) Concealed, Secret, Raw, Tease, Charmed, Teddy

Concealed is the concealer base, I doubt I’ll get much use out of this as it’s not really my type of product and feels like it will crease on me, however I can’t knock it until I try it but I doubt I will as I probably won’t stray from my trust Urban Decay primer potions. Secret is a medium warm brown that pull more pink than nude, this shade is really universal and can be layered with all of the other nudes in the palette. Tease is the second darkest shade in the palette and is a warm mauve. Raw is a warm brown and is fairly neutral for a crease colour, it’s such a buttery matte an blends amazingly. Charmed is a warm brown, this would be beautiful in a warm smoky eye- though personally it isn’t the sort of shade I would wear, but would definitely use on clients. Last but not least, Teddy is described as a warm coral, however I’d say its more of a very warm brown, not dissimilar to Coloured Raine Gingerbread.

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Keep your eye open for my next post which will be showing you all of the looks I’ve created using this palette and how to re-create them x

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