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My Favourite Luxury Highlighter Palettes

Everyone loves highlighter. Whether you’re a makeup novice or a professional, everyone wants to glow. Luxury highlighter palettes can be quite pricey and a bit of an investment, however they aren’t always worth their coin. So today I will be sharing with you my favourite high-end highlighter palettes, which in my opinion are worth every penny. 

Anastasia Beverley Hills Glow Kits

I purchased the ABH Sunkissed Glow Kit last year and immediately purchased the Sugar Glow Kit as soon as it was released. The formula of these are so soft and the pigmentation is next to none, however there is one shade in the Sugar Glow Kit (Butterscotch) is a bit glittery for my taste. 


Sunkissed Glow Kit has the best colour range of all of the highlighter palettes I own in terms of being universal for a range of skin tones, so it would be great for your kit. The formula is buttery and very pigmented, so use a light hand if you want to achieve a subtle look with this palette

Summer (top right and second swatch) and Moonstone (bottom right and fourth swatch) are beautiful on fair to medium skin tones, with Summer pulling warm and Moonstone pulling cool.

Tourmaline (bottom left and third swatch) I can’t say has seen much love from me, it just isn’t the sort of colour I’m drawn to as a highlighter, but I could see it being really beautiful as an eye shadow with some cool, mauve base colours.

Bronzed (top left and first swatch) is personally too dark for me, but looks stunning on medium to dark skin tones, it’s has a rich, golden undertone which completes the palette. 


Sugar Glow Kit is what it says it is; sugary sweet. I find that Sugar Glow Kit isn’t as pigmented as Sunkissed but is just as pretty to look at! However, it falters in that it lacks any shades that would flatter deeper skin tones, so if you have fair skin this one is one for you! This is one that I love in my kit for fair skin, however I don’t tend to reach for it much whilst doing my own makeup.

Marshmallow (top left and first swatch) is practically white in the pan. It has a fine gold shift to it which makes it a really intense highlighter, however would be too stark on anyone darker than fair (including myself). 

Gumdrop (top right and second swatch) and Starburst (bottom right and fourth swatch) both pull very pink in the pan, with Starburst looking more pink however Gumdrop shows up pinker on the skin due to the duo-chrome shimmer in the powder. 

Butterscotch (bottom left and third swatch)  is the glittery one I was talking about, the shade itself is beautiful, and perfect for my warm undertoned skin, however if I do decide to use it I try my best to dust off the glitter. 

Charlotte Tilbury Bar of Gold Palette

Charlotte Tilbury products emanate luxury, and the Bar of Gold palette is no exception. This palette is gorgeous, accommodates for a range of skin tones and all three shades make beautiful eye shadows. The formula feels hard to the touch but the pigment is intense yet fine, leaving a stunning glow on the skin.

The Original Bar of Gold (left) is the only highlighter in the palette which can be purchased individually, however personally I wouldn’t as it’s slightly too light for me on it’s own. It’s beautiful as an inner corner highlight, but when using this palette I tend to mix this shade with the end shade (Gold Bullion). 

Rose Gold (middle) is exactly what it says it is; a rose highlighter with a subtle gold shift. Beautiful on neutral/cool skin tones and as a shimmery eye shadow.

Gold Bullion (right) is slightly lighter that the ABH Bronzed and is my preference between the two. Gold Bullion is beautiful on warm skin tones, and used lightly can be used on light to medium skin tones. This shade completes the palette for me and makes it a staple in my kit.

Hourglass Ambient Metallic Strobe Lighting

This is the only Hourglass product I own, and certainly won’t be my last. This was actually a gift for my birthday and quickly become very special to me, not only for the sentimentality but because the formula and luxurious feel to the palette keep you coming back for more. The packaging is stunning, and the product inside is just as impressive, this also is the only palette I own where I can and do wear every shade. 

Absolute Strobe Light (left) is a silky, pink toned powder which can be sheered out to look very natural, or applied with a heavier hand can be intense for a full-on pop. 

Pure Strobe Light (middle) my favourite shade in the palette, looks beautiful on both warm and cool skin tones without ever looking over the top. I wear this when going to special events as it catches the light beautifully.

Lucent Strobe Light (right) a hard shade to describe as it can pull different in certain lights, on the skin I’d describe it as a perfect nude, however in the pan it can look slightly cooler. Also looks beautiful mixed with Pure Strobe Light.

I hope this was helpful and you enjoyed reading! If so please feel free to follow me on social media and let me know if you purchase or love any of the palettes mentioned- I’d love to hear your feedback. 

-Elizabeth x

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