Tuesday, September 21, 2021

Skin Care Haul (B. Superdrug, Nip + Fab, Pixi, Soap & Glory)

Winter makes my skin go mad, my oily skin gets weird flaky dry patches and is just generally irritable (much like me in Winter). I tried to rectify my hissy-fit-throwing skin by letting myself loose in Superdrug. Most of the products I bought are from the Superdrugs own B. line, as my friend Ellia has been raving on about it for ages and let me just tell you now, I bloody EARNT that cleanser as I had to walk to 3 different Superdrugs to find it. I am going to do a full post just on the B. products, but I want to test them out a bit longer and buy a few more products first. The other products, not in the B. line are to target my sebaceous filaments on my nose. 

B.  Micellar Water- so I’ve always been anti-Micellar water as every single one that I’ve tried has stung my eyes, however this one is really gentle and really cheap. It is a little too gentle though and I do struggle to remove eye makeup with it, but brilliant for the face and really refreshing. 

B. Sparkling Water Cleanser- this is really nice as a ‘double’ cleanser, however the alcohol smell is quite overwhelming, but I have noticed my skin feeling a lot cleaner whilst using this product.

B. Night Serum- this is my favourite thing that I got from the B. line and I honestly think it’s worth it’s weight in gold, it feels lovely on the skin, not too thick and leaves the skin looking hydrated and well rested in the morning. 10/10. 

B. Vitamin Facial Spray and B. Chamomile Facial Spray – these are okay, I use the Vitamin Spray in the morning and the Chamomile before bed, but I could live without both. I find the Vitamin Spray can be a bit sticky, but all things said the Chamomile was a life saver after a day in London corrupted my snobby, Brightonian skin used to the clean sea air. 

Nip + Fab Glycolic Fix Night Pads- I got these to try and tackle my sebaceous filaments on my nose which have been making me really self conscious as people think they are blackheads, I haven’t had a brilliant experience with acids before so I’ve been taking it slow and only using them a few times a week, no miraculous results but also nothing bad either. 

Pixi Rose Tonic– I ordered this as I was desperate to try something from the Pixi line and didn’t want to try Glow as I’d just bought the Nip + Fab Glycolic Pads. This is really nice, really soothing and lovely, I’ve always loved rose on my skin so I was always going to love it.

Soap and Glory The Fab Pore- again, I bought ths to try and solve my pore problem (I had to seriously resist typing ‘poreblem’ them) I’ve used it 4 times now and haven’t seen a massive difference, I like the mask though, my skin feels fresh and smooth after and I like the minty/ cold feel. The mask however bigs itself up too much and claims to visibly reduce and clear pores after one use, I didn’t see any of that, so maybe my pores are just blocked with iron (definite possibility). 


All in all, I haven’t disliked any of the products so far. And will definitely do a full in-depth review on the B. line as I’m loving it. If you want a full review on any of the products specifically comment down below! x 

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    1. Thank you!! Me too I’m loving the serum the most atm, all the products are so gentle. I need to try that! I’ll have to go and pick some bits up 🙂 xxx

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